Age is nothing but a number.

A number that defines the days we spent living in the world.  A number that defines where we are, or should be, in our lives and maturity levels.  A number that defines how we should think, act, and be.  A number that restricts our being into being what it should and shouldn’t be.

A number.

Some people perceive themselves younger.  Some believe their minds are older, probably even think they are wiser.  Born wise, they say.  But what ages us?  How many years have we spent not learning, not living, and not growing where the only difference is the number of candles on our cake.  So if we didn’t grow, how can the number go forward?  And if we forget and change our perspectives, why doesn’t the number turn back?

Back in time to what was.

But can you un-see what was seen?  Can you unlearn what was learnt?  Can you spare yourself the heartbreak and the major lesson that you still hold onto.  The lesson that gained you ten years or more.

When a person chooses to live shut away from people, does he grow?  When time ticks and nothing happens, does time proceed or does it stop?  When we are still, why does time pass us by?

In our minds, the age we see ourselves is the age that mattered most to us.  The time we peaked (and hopefully we shall peak again), but in the meantime, our memories from that age live on, so technically, if you see yourself as an 18 year old and can swear by the moon and the stars in the sky (I swear- Boys2men), then you are living in that era.  In that age.

Time should not pass.

In the mirror, do you see who you are or do you think you see what is?  Do you exist now or then?  And if time has passed, shouldn’t you have stayed with time?

Living in the past is never the best place to live, but to question every decision made helps clear your way forward.  Nostalgia for what was should fuel what is and what should be.

But when your mind and soul are living in a different era, how can you pull yourself forward?  How can you pull yourself back to your age?

Age is nothing but a number.