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Climbing’s Easy- Did You Try Falling?



Climbing’s easy

Did you try falling?

Falling from the top after you were the best?

Falling from the bridge and getting all wet?

Falling from the window, falling from the door

Falling like no ever fell before?

Falling out of sense, falling out of line

Falling out of a place I used to call mine.

Falling out of steps, missing out on the dance

Falling out of thought, living in a trance.

Falling in love, for love is a big big hole

Falling out on a position you will hold nevermore.

Falling out of touch, your friends no longer here

Falling out of sight, missing eyes and missing ears.

Falling out of life, falling out of breath

Falling out of life, falling into death.

Climbing’s easy,

did you try falling?



تنسى بأن لي قلب

وتخبرني بأن الحياة معي


تنسى بأن لي مشاعر

وتخبرني بأني اوصلتك


وتنسى بأن لي روح

وتتمنى أن


كيف لك أن تنسى؟

وكيف لي أن اسامح؟

كيف أقسو على نفسي



فإن لم انتبه لنفسي

فمن لنفسي؟

وإن لم انتبه لقلبي

فمن لقلبي؟

وإن لم انتبه لروحي

فمن لروحي؟

فها هي نفسي تذبل

وقلبي يبكي

وروحي تموت

وأنت… تنسى


Woman Looking at Reflection

No longer so hard, no longer so blind

I stare in the mirror at a face that’s not mine

No longer so harsh, no longer so cruel

The mask I had on was a useful tool.


Cannot keep a straight look on my face anymore

The skin disappearing, revealing the core

A sigh I take and try to put things back

Yet things won’t come if the will I lack


Emotions bubbling at my surface at last

Feathers I use to cover them fast

Cannot understand why I took away

The ice that covered my emotions today.


I want to set my emotions all free

Not doing so really pains me, you see

Yet it is better off to do what I’m told

And turn my eyes from warm to cold


My inner self defies me, I am not to blame

Things will come back, they will be the same

An emotionless mask I will put on again

Yet I still get wet when the clouds all rain.




even after getting what I want

still failing

still feeling the tears run down my cheek

still hearing promises that make me weak

failing to fulfill what I want the most

failing and turning into a ghost

failing to find happiness in it all

failing to run away from this brawl

failing to be who I really am

and being at peace with where I stand

still failing.


-From Dreams of a Blue Moon


كلما تتحدث

واختار ان اسكت

تظهر كلماتي على شكل شعر ابيض

يجتاح رأسي

وها انا اليوم

احتاج لصباغته مرتين كل شهر 

ولا زلتَ تبدو في العشرين




Feelings were once a part of my life

and loads of feelings I had

dreams of being a mother and a wife

soon became my past.


I used to feel others’ pain

and tears would fall from my eyes

but then I thought I have no gain

so I stopped all of my cries.


Then soon enough I found out

that happiness isn’t forever

so I threw away happiness too

and hoped it would come never.


Sadly, though, all feelings left

and I was in the dark

not feeling pain nor happiness

no excitement, not a spark.


Smiles would crack my lips at times

and tears would run down my face

yet deep inside I surely know

in my heart, feelings have no place.


From Dreams Of A Blue Moon



(From Dreams of A Blue Moon by Bedoor Khalaf)

Darkness along with broken pride

as the glass of water breaks

seeing the wrong, not seeing the right

as bones in their graves shake.


Chaos around yet not a way

to change the angel’s mind

for the person that once has been a saint

will be a traitor to all mankind.


Will not care less to what others feel

since everyone has done him wrong

will cause harsh pain and torture on

those with a heart that longs.


Nowadays love is a sin

and only sinners love

roses turn into weeds

crows created from doves.


Pain and violence the only words

known to the human race

painted masks and hypocrites

stained on people’s face.


Angels turn to demons as

they realize life is unfair

but what stunned them most is the fact

that love no longer cares.

Dreams of a Blue Moon



Another book I was working on for a while, Dreams of a Blue Moonembraces 50 sentimental poems that narrate feelings of love, hope, and pain. It uncovers deep emotions and doubts about finding and losing a loved one. It is an exposure of the soul at its core and the everlasting search for the blue moon that is true love.

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سَكَر المثقفين


لا تأتيني، سيدي، بعقلك

ولا تكلمني بعنجهية منطقك

فلا أتحدث لغتك الصعبة

لغتي يفهمها الجميع:

عد بذاكرتك الى الماضي

تذكّر حبك والحنين

أتذكر عندما كنا نلعب

وآمالنا لا يمسها أنين؟

أتذكر عندما نجلس معا

نحلم ونبني احلام السنين؟

ماذا حدث لك؟ اخبرني!

أين ذهب الولد الوسيم؟

أين ذهبت أحلامك

أصبحتَ موسوعة (س) و(ج)

بتّ رجلا فظا تعيسا

تركت جنات ونعيم

تحدثني بغرور كأنما

العلم يوجد فقط في الصين!

قيس لم يتخرج من معهد

ولا ليلى درست ببرلين

ايا رجلا مهما محترما

أفق من سَكَر المثقفين

أفق قلبك الميت فلا

يسوى الانسان بلا معين

حبيب يموت في هواك

ولا كتب مصفوفة بالطين

حبيب يسهر على راحتك

ولا اقلام ترعد الجبين

كلماتك اجعلها رقيقة

تصل الى اذان العاشقين

اكتب شعرا، اكتب نثرا

أَخرج ما بجوفك الحزين

فرسالة حب احيانا

هدية من رب العالمين

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