Disclaimer: It is safe to say that this post is based on no scientific research whatsoever.  You are encouraged to try out the different therapy methods listed in cases of a bad mood ranging from “mild” to “medium”.  In cases of a really bad mood, your therapy may take a bit longer.

When a woman is in a bad mood, she tends to feel like everything is falling into pieces.  Everything they love look awful, everyone they know don’t pick up the phone, and they feel like they never achieved any of the goals they decided on years ago.  We’ve all been through this.  We all know how it feels.  So what can be done?

1- Breathe.  It’s alright to feel bad, you are not a robot and have all the excuse in the world to have bad days.  Do not feel guilty and do not let anyone tell you that you’re always “in a bad mood.”  Try to come to accept that you feel bad.

2- Remove yourself from the current situation you are in.  If you are feeling bad because of a conversation you are having on the phone, then close the phone.  If you are feeling bad because of a colleague at work, then go somewhere else.

3- Find someone who will listen.  This person is usually the same person you go to every time you are having a bad day.  A friend, a parent, a spouse, a sibling, whoever is there to listen. I am not telling you that you should talk, just give yourself the option to talk so whenever you feel like talking you’re with the right person.

4- Find something fun to do.  This is usually shopping.  Yes, simply shopping.  It starts with a cup of coffee, a walk around the mall to see what’s on sale, and an indulgence of impulse buying.  Try your best not to buy over an assigned budget.  (The person you choose in #3 should help in reeling you in when you’re starting to go overboard)

5- Eat something good.  A good dish filled with many many many calories.  This dish and/or meal must contain the 3 C’s:  carbs, cheese, and caffeine.

6- Shop again.  The physical labor done by walking around actually helps with your negative feelings; you’re basically working out!  Also, you are constantly speaking to your “person” so you’re maintaining good speed in which you are not out of breath.

7- Make sure you are carrying all the shopping bags.  Do not  let anyone help you and do not put the small bags into the bigger bags.  You need to see the number of bags you are carrying.  This will make  you happy.  Have you ever seen a woman with many shopping bags look sad or frustrated?  No.


8- If you are going through a really tough time, go for shoes and makeup.  They don’t require you getting into the fitting room (which may be dangerous in some cases).  Regardless of the amount of weight you may have increased, your shoe size would not differ.  Makeup is symbolic of hiding your sad feelings so the more makeup you buy the more sadness you will hide.

9- When you get home, place all your bags on the floor and leave them there.  Do not open anything.  Live the moment.  Get yourself something good to drink and eat.  This snack may contain sugar but no caffeine.  You are trying to wind down.

10- Get into the shower.  Take a shower or a bath, whatever you choose.  Give yourself time to feel the water wash away the pain.  Sing in the shower, you sound good.

11- Pamper yourself.  Brush your hair, paint your nails (you could get a professional manicure in severe cases).  Focus on yourself.

12- Do something you like.  Watch a movie, a funny TV show, read a book, chat online, catch up on gossip.

13- Sleep earlier than usual.  You need to heal.

In conclusion, happiness is a choice.  Choose to be happy, choose to smile, and choose shopping therapy 101.