Places hold witness to many stories and many stories take place in certain places.  The concept of constructing a home, a building, a castle, or a mall doesn’t just mean it will forever only serve its purpose whether it’s commercial or residential, places serve a higher purpose for memories.

A starting ground for many stories.

Many memories we have in our minds are linked to places.  A mall entrance where you first lay eyes on your current husband, the Dairy Queen booth where your boyfriend first held your hand, and even the supermarket where you saw your childhood friend after years of losing contact.  The walls and ceilings of the places mean more than their purpose, they hold within them feelings and energy once surrounding them.

There is energy when you enter a place which held in it many events.  A church withholds in its walls energy filled with fear, flight, fright, love, sadness, despair, hope, and faith.  Many feelings make the place jump with life and you could sense the energy the moment you walk in.

When visiting old castles, you could almost see people walking by, with their medieval clothes and hair swept up with tassels on the sides.  Women walking with their hands around a gentleman’s arm, dressed in a long-tailed suit with long sideburns and a groomed mustache.  The sound of ducks in the nearby fountain and the chirping of the chicks.  A little dog running across the field and the smell of the peonies whiff by.

Standing in the face of time, history holds still.  Time stops, and people stop in bewilderment trying to guess what went on here.  Who stood on these grounds and who held onto this rail.  Who built these walls and who planted this ancient tree?  What was he thinking and did he ever imagine that it would stand in the face of time, thereby making his act immortal.

History holds still in the walls of castles; in the gravel roads behind the major cities. In the Stonehenge, the hanging gardens, the pyramids, the great wall, and other wonders of the world.  Yes, they remain a wonder to all people who realize the amount of energy it takes to build and mysteriously create such colossal beauties.  Points where energy is fused with life, in life, and within life.  Points that once made sense to the architect, and which no longer make sense to our brains… but which stun our feelings into speechlessness.

Places do not speak, but if they do, oh the stories they could tell.