We humans are more fragile than we think.  We believe  the world is ours to conquer, that the human race was able to evolve over time and is now in control of the world.  The human race was able to land on the moon, discover nuclear energy, find cures for many sicknesses, and converse with other human being on a different continent with a simple call.  We humans believe that the world is in our hands but what we fail to consider is that all the accomplishments done by humans and those which we are so proud of are a summation of many years and many steps and many mistakes.

Yes, people put goals and strive for excellence.  Everyone wants the best for themselves and their loved ones and thus we are working hard to accomplish our dreams.  We wake up everyday thinking of a game plan: what needs to be done, who needs to be where, and who will be benched for the first few hours.  Sometimes, we bench our heart alongside the many feelings that proved time and again that they just get in the way.  So we run alongside our brains with the goal in mind forgetting our heart benched for a bit too long.

And yet we forget that it takes one wrong step and it could all be over.  Life as we know it can take a different route towards one we don’t recognize as our own.  The problem with “givens” in our life is that there are no givens.  In computer programming, we make sure that “if sun rises and the alarm clock rings at 7 a.m., we wake up.”  Life is not as easy as a computer program.  Many people had the sun rise and the alarm ring at 7 a.m. but woke up different.  Woke up with a headache, woke up with a sprained neck, woke up an hour earlier, and some never woke up.

It takes a small spike in the blood pressure to change things.  It takes a small aneurysm, a growing mass we never knew was growing, or a simple quitting by the old ticker.  A clot in the wrong place, a sneeze in the wrong time, or a handshake filled with a virus.  We are too fragile to take life for granted.

There are no guarantees.

No reason to take your days for granted.

Everyday is a blessing.