A shout out to all literature lovers out there.

Reading and writing have been my passion for a long time.  I think it has to do with the intellectual people from my childhood.  I remember sitting on the side of my aunt’s sofa while she was reading a novel asking her “when will I be able to read?”  “Soon,” she said.  Two years later, I started and I haven’t stopped since.

Actually, I have stopped for the past year.  I was blessed with a gorgeous baby boy and, being very career oriented and having 10 years of a child-less marriage, put me in a not-too-pretty situation of being TOTALLY clueless.

Come March 2015, the year is over and my baby boy just turned one.  Surprise, surprise I finally have the hang of things (I can imagine moms laughing now, well let me swim with the naive and be blessed with ignorance); I think I have the hang of things

Now I’m back to reading.

And writing.

So hello again literature lovers, hope to see you on the shelves with some published books

Bedoor Blue Moon