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Grey and Grey

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For those of you who are still faithfully watching Grey’s Anatomy and caught last night’s episode I am as shocked as you are.  How?  Why?  Who?  Seriously?!?!   11 years of great episodes, ups and downs, airplane crashes, patients, Neuro-surgeries, debates, heartaches, and losses, we are faced with this? Sigh.  The story goes as the story goes, do not question the author.

Although some things in Grey’s Anatomy are far-fetched and aren’t very realistic (such as the cloned cancer Meredith took home with her), it’s still a fairly reasonable series to follow.  It seems like it won’t last much longer but we can always watch reruns.  Come on, we had the same feeling of utter loss when Friends was over so we need to prepare ourselves.  We can always live on reruns.

Meanwhile, keep Thursday nights for your TV shows and the rest of your week for reading.  Grey’s Anatomy shook us for the past 11 years and another type of Grey shook the world: 50 Shades of Grey.

So here I am, a couple of years ago, walking naively in what I believe to be the Virgin Mega-stores in Dubai when I see piles of beautifully stacked books.  I walk up to the pile and, out of curiosity, pick it up: 50 Shades of Grey.  Hmmm… Interesting.  I think I had a mental link to Grey’s Anatomy and assumed it was good.  The way it was marketed around the bookstore was ridiculous!  They must have had at least 20 piles of 30 books each AT LEAST!  The author apparently signed a GREAT publishing deal and the marketing team did a great job to encourage people to buy it.

Mental note to self: do not judge a book by its cover or by the way it’s being displayed.

Let me be clear about something, I don’t read the back cover unless it’s REALLY necessary but since it seemed like a great book, I decided the front cover was enough regardless of the fact that it was fairly ambiguous.  The image of the tie was honestly very intriguing and it seemed like a nice little romance, it seemed to be the “it” book of the season.  Therefore, being the very fashion forward person I am, I bought it.

Fast forward: a few months after being piled up in my “to read” pile, I talk about it to one of my friends who tells me that it’s basically a dirty little book.  Everything she said was news to me.  I was like a five year old being told that Santa didn’t exist and couldn’t believe what I was hearing.  I had flashbacks to the book store and how I looked to make sure people saw me buy the fashionable book, then I had a flashback to flipping the book over and thinking I won’t read it because it would ruin everything.  Ah the many times I could have said NO.  The many times I could have saved that money.  And the way I felt about being a blind follower was just painful  Then it hit me, what if I READ it!!!   What if I started reading it and the confusion grew with every page?  That would have been something!

So what did I learn from this incident?

1- Not every Grey is good, some Grey is bad

2- If you have a bad book, you’re stuck with it forever because you don’t want to seem tasteless for giving it to someone else.  Hence, the book will stay in your shelf until one of your grandchildren finds it and will assume you had a weird life.

3- Spoilers are better than wasted time and money.  Read the back cover of the book.

4- Don’t buy a book because it’s in fashion, but a book that you will enjoy and is worth buying even if you have to spend time choosing it.

5- Listen to your friends, they usually have something important to say.

Kids Today Are Not Airheads


I came across a post written by a connection of mine on LinkedIn and it caused me to think all day.  The title of her post is “Rich Kids… Air-Heads.” . Maybe the purpose of her title was to cause people to wonder about her point of view, it sure got me to wonder.

To sum up her post, she talked about how we (I’m guessing Generation X) have a better understanding of the value of money and how entertainment for us was limited to three TV channels, the “Famous Family Game,” and a DOS computer.  She talked about how kids today are too preoccupied with material matters and gave some examples of some who are, in her point of view, taking matters to the extreme.

I also have a point of view towards this topic:

1- Not everyone born with a “golden spoon” in his mouth have to turn out to be a brat.  Many highly respected people in society have had the privilege of growing up in fairly rich families.  Does that mean we have to mark them all as useless?  Many start working in their family businesses during their summer vacations because they must be educated on every single matter before even graduating high school.  Family dinners turn to business meetings and the second generation are used to hearing work and business related issues:  it’a a part of their childhood.  Some parents are so strict they seek perfection from their “golden” children.  First world problems?  Maybe.

2- Understanding the value of money doesn’t necessarily come from parents needing to save, it comes from parents teaching their children the value of money.  Knowing the difference between necessities and luxuries travels well into all families regardless of their Status Quo.

3- I understand that your indication of “rich” isn’t in regards to money in the pockets, but in the amount of leisure today’s kids have.  Well, in our days, our parents thought we were spoiled too. Just because there are different methods Continue reading “Kids Today Are Not Airheads”

Best Friends Forever


She started questioning everything and everyone.  Things she once thought were given truths are now unknown.  Her life was hazy, she didn’t have anyone to turn to and it was one of the most difficult phases in her life.  

She sighed.
She recalled her childhood: things at school were as dramatic as they would be for all students throughout the generations.  Issues and fights over toys and clothes and best friends and so forth.  Best friends.  She went through all grades in her mind and one face kept popping up.  A familiar face from her childhood.  A face she once knew so well they pinkie swore they would never lose touch.

But they did.  A really long time ago.

They never had a falling out, just a drifting apart.  Things like this happen.  Junior high is over and all of a sudden you’re not even talking to your best friend.  You start hanging out in different circles and even though you live a block away, you just never meet up, never bump into each other, and never speak.  As if the sleep-overs never were and the secret signals weren’t a part of your childhood.

She smiled.

I’m sure she remembers our code names.

It took her a few months to gather the courage to contact her childhood friend.  She thought it would have been awkward to just give her a call.  Plus, she doesn’t have her number.  She remembered the kind of friendship they had and the great times they shared.  It’s a good thing they’re friends on Facebook.

She sent a message, “Shortskin, this is Waldo, are you there?”

Time stopped and she was transferred back to the 80’s.

A few minutes passed.  She panicked, I’m sure she’s busy with her life.  What am I doing?  What am I expecting from her?  Beep.

“Shortskin here, what’s up Waldo?”

“Papa’s dead.”

“…I’m coming over”

April’s fool


“Dinna laugh, dinna smile. Hunt the gowk another mile.”

The traditional April fool’s prank in the United kingdom specifically in Scotland and Ireland was to send a person with a closed letter to someone asking for help.  The person receiving the letter would read the above and send the gawk, a cuckoo or a fool, to another person who would allegedly be able to help.  This would take a few trips to different people until the fool finally realizes he is being pranked, and I doubt he would be feeling too pleased with himself.

So the question is why specify one day to play pranks or hoaxes on people? Why is there immense happiness when a person plans, lies, and laughs at an innocent? Is it a day when honesty can be put on hold? Would that mean people would not be hurt or embarrassed?

In addition to April’s fool day, can we have May’s truth day per se? Can we have an honest day where people tell the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth ALL DAY? Seems like a stretch for a good idea to pick up, maybe I should have brought it up in a previous life when I was an English noblewoman.  In court, where the duke would think it’s a hilarious idea and impose it.  Then the trend catches on and, voila! “May’s Truth Day”. It would make sense to have it in March at the beginning of spring when flowers bloom and truths unfold. Not a bad idea.

Back to reality.

People are attracted to the forbidden; the hype of being a trickster, the ability to outsmart a person and the satisfaction of it being a success year after year just trumps all truths out there.

It is not the courageous who lie, it is the courageous who tell the truth.

Dinna laugh, dinna smile. Say the truth right to my eye.

I dare you…

Vanity Fair


We are living in Vanity Fair.  We are currently lusting over material goods and craving everything our hearts desire.  It would be a great misconception to think that people learn from other people’s mistakes.  It would be a greater misconception to think that all people learn from books.

Thackeray’s Vanity Fair represents the stop in John Bunyan’s The Pilgrim’s Progress where everything to a human’s tastes, delights, and lusts are sold daily.  (Wikipedia).

Think of it.  Vanity is within us.

Women are too preoccupied in taming their tresses they forget that their heads actually contain brains. Men are too preoccupied in ensuring their status is conserved they forget their responsibilities.

Everyone has at least one thing they are vain about.  Don’t you?

And why not?

It is how society is.  How celebrities are portrayed and how marriages are made.  Comparing themselves to others, people have more than enough to occupy their minds they lose focus of what really matters. What does society prioritize?


Vanity Fair.  An everlasting fair where everything to a human’s tastes, delights, and lusts are sold daily.  Vanity Fair: where hair dressers are packed and libraries are empty.  Vanity Fair: where showing off your Dior shoes matters more than discussing your values.  Vanity Fair: where the price tag on your car is the price tag you carry.

People slumber in their non-existence.  Sum their net worth and divide their earnings over lunches at expensive restaurants (to post on Instagram and SnapChat) and first-class tickets to Neverland: a place where the lost kids don’t grow old and plastic surgeries are done.

Others who try to take an opposing role are shunned.  It is not about beauty, it is about being “polished.” About taking an active part in the materialistic world.  About singing with the choir.

Vanity Fair, when will we learn?

On a lighter note, Vanity Fair (the movie) with Reese Witherspoon displays a VERY interesting belly dancing scene in which, apparently, a well known 21st century Egyptian singer travels back in time to sing the song.  During the supposed erotic dance, the not-so-sweet voice of Hakeem utters what can only be believed to be peace be upon you (Is Is , Is’salam alaikom).  You don’t believe me?  Try Youtube.

Satirical? So was Thackeray.



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