Hello everyone and welcome back to my blog!!!  It’s been ages since I have written anything and it kills me when I think of how outdated my site has been so I have decided that I would – at least- try to write something every once in a while here.

As an update to things that I’ve been up to: I will update my books section since I’ve published another children’s book (yaaay! go me!).  It’s called Upside Down Abbey which is about a little girl who loves gymnastics.  You can find all about it here (Amazon site).  I also finished writing up my Arabic book (also, yaaay) but have yet to choose a publisher since Arabic readers wouldn’t choose Amazon as their first stop to buy books.

In 2020, I hope to finish editing my draft of short stories (yes, most are here) and start writing the Fantasy novel I’ve been planning and outlining… Big dreams.

In regards to reading, I pledged to read 50 books on Goodreads then reduced the number to 45 which seems to be more realistic.

Other than that, the usual stuff are on my resolutions list (like everyone I know)- health and lifestyle, gym and losing weight, get my life back on track, go into an adventure, and what not.

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In the end, I wish you all a year filled with good health, wealth, and prosperity.  Happy reading to you all.


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