Happy New Year!!

With the beginning of the new year, resolutions take an interesting place in our lives.  People who have not considered goals for the past 11 months have typed up or wrote on a piece of paper, using great penmanship, their goals.  I have also typed up different lists in previous years but this year, I thought I would approach the new year differently.

In my mind, I know what I want.  I know what I’m aiming towards, and I know what matters to me.  I know my shortcomings, I know my strengths, and I know the people I’d like to keep in my life and those I would rather not have around.

So it’s the first day of the new year and I haven’t written my resolutions, didn’t update my vision board, and didn’t set deadlines for weight loss and schedules for play dates.  I would rather spend the first day in gratitude.

This may seem to you as a very cheeky post as many people are so keen on starting something new, new challenges and new hope, whereas here I am trying to pull them back, pressing the break, and asking them to breathe.

Yes, breathe.

Breathe in the air.  Feel the air around you, you are alive.  You are alive and conscious.  You are in this world aware of what is going on, that’s something.


Gratitude for being alive and well.  Gratitude for a good year, gratitude for not having lost anyone this year.  Gratitude for having my parents and seeing them everyday.  Gratitude for two healthy boys, gratitude for a loving husband, gratitude for wonderful siblings.


Gratitude for not living in a war zone.  Having a safe place to sleep and not having to worry about starving.  Gratitude for running water.  Gratitude for all my accomplishments.  Gratitude for being able to wake up, move my arms and legs.  Gratitude for the ability to take a deep breath and gratitude towards having the ability to think.  Gratitude for all the days I spent, however they were, in this life.

Every day is a blessing.

Thank you, Lord, for a great year.