vision board

Vision boards were first introduced in one of the best selling self-help books in 2006 The Secret.  The law of attraction and the importance of living with our goals staring us in the face was implied in both the movie and the book, and actual results from using vision boards were also displayed to us.  That was when people started using and believing in The Secret and the law of attraction.

In a nut shell, you attract what you perceive whether it is good or bad.  I am not here to discuss my belief or disbelief in the law of attraction because this topic has been overly questioned and I do not have the experience to do so; I am merely here to demonstrate how I have been creating my vision boards.

What I believe is that your vision board should make sense to you.  What do you want to be displayed in front of you and how do you understand it?  If you are a visual person who prefers only pictures, then by all means use only pictures.  If you are more comfortable with words that indicate something to you, go ahead.  Most people like to use a combination of both so as to target both sides of their brains but my vision boards only contained images and pictures of things that I wanted.

Some people prefer to concentrate on one aspect in their life in their vision board such as their career. Their vision boards usually have more details in regards to that topic such as an image of a big office table, the picture of a secretary, signing agreement papers with a high end expensive signature pen, a picture of a bank statement showing a big sum of money, and so forth.

Other vision boards may represent a road map to something; it contains one goal and how to get to it.  An example could be losing weight (the goal) and pictures of healthy food, gym membership, the weighing scale with the target weight, an exercise schedule, and a picture of a person with the “ideal” body.

Vision boards can contain anything.  Engineers could have a 3D printout of their future home, artists could have a painting of their”target” family,and poets could have a poem describing them in a 6 foot yacht. Vision boards can be made of anything and use any sense as long as they shine light on the goals.

My vision boards are more general and contain the different aspects in my life that I deem valuable.  Because I am a person who wants to keep things balanced, I thought of my values.  While searching for images to print out, I realized that the Wheel of Life is a great tool which at least gives me the headlines for my vision board.  It wasn’t applied fully but parts of it gave me a significant starting point.

I started in the core of my beliefs: God.  I believe that when God is in the middle, everything falls into place.  So I printed a picture with God/faith.  I then thought of family, career, health and weight, finances, and personal growth.  So in the middle, I had God and the rest of the topics were clustered around the corners.  I printed pictures of how I saw the “utopia” of each goal and how happy I looked achieving the goal.  So for example, a picture of 4 adults in a meeting was representative of the communication and synergy at work.  I think this helped not only in keeping my goals in view, it helped maintain the life balance I sought after.

Throughout the year, I kept the vision board in front of me to remind myself of what it is I was working towards.  Not only is the Vision Board a tool for the universe to conspire and give you what’s on it, it’s also a tool that let’s you maintain focus and not lose your priorities.

Motivational quotes, words that explain the goals, and pictures of you photo-shopped next to lake Lucerne with your husband raise your hopes and act as engine boosters for your future.  You know what the saying says, out of sight, out of mind so keep your goals in sight to keep them in mind.

There are many days where you lose focus, and many days that make no sense to you.  Having a bit of belief that you are in control makes it a bit better.  Knowing that there are things that do not change in your mind and knowing that you, once upon a time, knew what you wanted makes you trust yourself in days when you trust no-one.  Be there to guide yourself forward and, to me, put your faith in the middle for comfort and strength.