I can think of only a few things that I really hate and one of the top five is a lazy bum. Yes, a couch potato, a person who has a million reasons not to do something, someone who would rather stay at home watching tv than get up and do something with his life. I’m not sure what these ‘lazy bums’ do for a living but, giving the number of hours they are residing on the couch makes me wonder if and when they get the time to work. I’m not talking about working out (exercising), I’m talking about just doing something with their lives.

Something, ANYTHING!

Now many people I know seem to have a problem with the lack of time. It doesn’t matter to me if they (or I) have an issue with time management, I believe that at least we’re doing something. How, how, and how can the lazy bum stay at home watching tv and ordering food to be delivered to their doorstep (and sometimes to their bellies) while everyone else is outside working? Don’t they realize that life is passing by and things are happening outside? Doesn’t it matter to them that they will wake up one day and see everyone they know all grown up and gone?


I understand how sometimes you can be so tired that you just crash on the couch for the whole weekend. I genuinely understand that and I believe that you deserve some time to just rest and do nothing. The issue is when this becomes a life style. When 12 hours of sleep plus laying on the couch all day still isn’t enough. Seriously? Get up and do something!!


There are many things that need to be done. I’m pretty sure we all have similar responsibilities towards family and friends: get them done. How are your finances? Isn’t too much spare time an indicator of what you CAN do? Maybe get a second job, maybe get a first job?! Maybe you need to get a hair cut or get yourself shaved? How about your mind, ever think that maybe reading would make a difference? Maybe you can study? Get a free online course, learn a language!? Do SOMETHING, anything!! What about the list of resolutions that you keep postponing? Isn’t that somewhere to start?


You’re becoming a liability on someone out there. Your laundry basket is full, you’re probably in the same clothes you were in three days ago, and you can’t remember which day it is.


Get up.


People are fighting to live a better life. People work hard and put an effort. I do not respect people who choose to let their lives pass without doing something.


You have one shot in life, make it worthwhile.