The little girl loves to skip, dance, and run.  You hear her little feet tread so softly on the sand and her little steps are everywhere.  She goes outside to hold her pet duck disregarding the fact that it’s double her size and smells so bad.  She climbs on sofas and jumps from chair to chair just to hear everyone in the house shout “stop!”

She seeks attention all day, everyday.  She holds onto her mother’s hand (and leg, and head, and shoulder) with her sweet soft hands.  A butterfly.  She holds onto her aunt’s hand (and leg, and head, and shoulder) with her sweet soft hands. She does the same to her grandmother, grandfather, and uncles. Her touch, so soft, so sweet, and so manipulative.

She shows compassion to others.  Her love for her family shines through her big eyes… and she smiles. Beams and fills the house with warmth.

She giggles, laughs, and dances like a princess.  She wears her long Elsa dress and knows very well the accessories that go with it.  Knows that it’s supposed to have a long tail and her hair must be braided. She plays the role so well and takes the issue seriously.  It’s Frozen! Her favorite!!

She wants to go outside.  I tell her she needs to change and she does.  Gets her thin legs into her leggings so quickly “Let’s go!” she says enthusiastically.  And we leave.

Sheer innocence while she swings, “higher, higher!” And I push her higher.  She drops her slippers into the sand “My slipper!” So she stops, gets the slipper, and gets back up.

She falls, and tears run down her cheeks.

“There’s blood!”

“It’s just a scrape”

“I need ice!”

Minutes later… “Is it gone?”

“No, it’ll be gone by Friday.”

A few more minutes later… “Is it gone?”

“No it’ll be gone by Friday”

So Thursday, she falls on her lip.

Don’t grow up too fast.  Stop growing and just be.  Be free to play, be free to run, be free to dance.  Be free, little girl, to play with your duck and your toys.  Be free, little girl, to watch TV and listen to stories. Be the little three year old we love and cherish and skip over into our heart and soul.

Dedicated to my little niece: Malak.  You bring happiness wherever you go, sunshine.