It never occurred to her that her life would take so many different turns; that the dreams she once had as a young girl would remain dreams.  Her reality is far from what she planned.  She didn’t think that she would be staring at her day’s schedule with a tear in her eye.  All she knew is that she had to take her life one day at a time and hope things would get better soon.

She walked into the hair dresser.

She thought of the choices she made.  She got married and just had a child 11 months ago.  Her lovely Evelyn.  

“Good morning, how are you?  How’s Evelyn doing?” her friend asked.

“As cute as ever,” she replied joyously.


Her husband left as soon as he found out she was pregnant.  He ran away and left her alone with his sick mother.  He said he found a job that can support his family but they never got any money transferred. That was a year ago.  She had to make choices.  She had to be strong for her baby.

Seems like we’re in for an adventure! We’re fully booked today.

Yes.  Lives go on.  People get to raise their children while she’s busy working.  They get to spend time with them while she spends her time dying and blow drying. 

“Hello Ma’am.  My name’s Jane.  Please have a seat and I’ll come back with our catalog.

She couldn’t spend Christmas with her daughter because she was needed at work.  She couldn’t wait to get off work today.  She wanted to hear her giggle and see her smile.  She smiled.

“I want to have a bit of highlights done and I want a trim.  Only from the back because my son keeps pulling on my fringe.”

Evelyn never pulls on her fringe. 


“I know I should have come last month it’s just I have no-one to hold my kid.  I barely get to go to work for a couple of hours and I have to be with him the rest of the day.”


“Sometimes I tell my husband I need one night off every week to go out with my friends.  I need to be around adults, to have adult conversations and stop listening to nursery rhymes all day.”


The day’s finally over.  She gets to go home and see her sweet Evelyn.  Her excitement gets the best of her and she forgets to get dinner.  It doesn’t matter, she’ll find something in the fridge. She unlocks the door and walks into her empty apartment.  She turns on her PC and puts on her headset. Ringing.  Her daughter’s image pops up on her screen “mama” she squeals. “Hi baby.  I missed you today.  Hi Mama, how are you?  How’s Evelyn?” “Hi honey.  We’re good.  She’s tried to pull herself up and had a bit of a fall but she’s alright.” 


“Did you ask if you can take your leave next month?”

“Yeah my boss said she’d look into it but I explained it’ll be Evelyn’s birthday.”

“I’m sure she’ll agree.  We miss you. It’s been almost a year”

“It really seems longer.  Evelyn, let’s sing Itsy Bitsy Spider.  The Itsy Bitsy Spider went up the water spout.  Let granny show you how to do.  No mama, not this way, thumb to forefinger.  Yes exactly.  The Itsy Bitsy Spider…….”