We all fell in love with Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice because he was, in one word, a gentleman.  He was a chivalrous, courteous, and honorable man. (Oxford Dictionary).  Being wealthy isn’t such a bad addition to the mix.

As a teenager, I, like all other teenage girls, would be attracted to the Bad-Boy.  Interestingly, teenagers of this generation are attracted to vampires but we’re not getting to that today.  The guy on a motorbike, the guy who doesn’t care about rules, and the guy who would eventually break your heart.

Wake up girls, when you want to get into a serious relationship and start a family, find a Mr. Darcy.  Find a gentleman who would respect you and your ideas but will be happy to open the door for you.  Find someone who would help you with your chores, who would fill your car with gas and check the tires because it’s just thoughtful.  Someone who would be there for you and who would be more than happy to spoil you.

I’m not saying women should stay at home and have someone do everything for them, all I’m saying is that these days women are too self-dependent.  We depend on ourselves without thinking of the consequences it has on our stress levels  We need help.  It’s OK, we can ask for help.

Asking won’t kill us.

Most Victorian-era and honestly any-era romances shine light on the wooing part of the relationship Where the lady acts all coy and the gentleman tries his best to get her approval.  This is very similar in the real world. When dating, guys would usually do everything they can to never forget your birthday and to act like gentlemen.

Now how can you distinguish between a fake and a genuine Mr. Darcy?  I’m not sure.  It’s just having one around would help balance the scales in your life so you can live happily.

We need more Mr. Darcys in our lives.  Chivalrous, courteous, and honorable men.

For those who are interested, this article is called How to find a modern day Mr. Darcy http://www.wikihow.com/Find-a-Modern-Day-Mr.-Darcy