“Good men must die, but death cannot kill their names”- Danish proverb

The leader of all Omanis have passed on to a better place, leaving behind broken hearts and a legacy that can only be called exceptional.  The time, effort, love, and care that Sultan Qaboos gave his country took it to great levels, maintaining the softness of the Omani heart and kindness of their souls.

A leader who worked wonders, built, educated, designed, and overlooked every single matter of a country will be missed dearly.  Standing proud in the face of enemies, holding the hands of his people, and listening to their every need, the Sultan ruled for half a decade through thick and thin and left with footsteps hard to fill in.

Throughout history, we hear stories of rulers and kings who let their selfishness take hold of the reign and who, years later, are always remembered with disgust.  It is not only what the poor can give, but  what the rich can.  This man gave everything and asked for nothing in return.  A great man on all levels.

My deepest condolences to all Omani people for the loss of their father, may he rest in peace knowing that he is loved and was able to establish a strong foundation for his country.